Welcome to The Goddess Revolution

Thank you for joining us on this journey through our 42 Day revolution. This project began for us around the time of the presidential election in the United States. There was so much chaos, confusion and consternation among women, especially, that we felt called to offer up something new and empowering. We believe that things will only change when we change. And that one empowered woman can spread great hope and beauty and love to those within her reach. Only by healing ourselves, as women, and standing in the light of our own truth, will the conversation in the world around us start to shift.

The world has changed, and yet it is still run by men, for men, for the most part. If women want to have a say, we must believe in the value of what we have to offer the world. Men aren’t ever going to give us that. They couldn’t if they wanted to. They literally have no idea what women have to add to the conversation or the way society functions. Honestly, we women don’t really know, either.

We were all born into a patriarchal system that is now wildly out of balance. The only way we can see to begin to affect change is for women to start challenging the status quo in our own lives. As we begin to see where we have defaulted to disempowering patterns and self-defeating beliefs, we awaken to more of who we are at our core. Our core self is strong, reliable, clear, and aligned with the essential truth that lives at the heart of us, the undeniable fact that we are Love.

And since Jodi knew a certain Goddess, and a thing or two about the personal development map of the astrology wheel, and Adela had mad skills with event production and facilitation, and has been a coach dedicated to fostering consciousness in those she works with, for many years, The Goddess Revolution was born!

We began the live presentation of The Goddess Revolution for the first time in early February 2017. Even we had no idea what we had in store for us. As we wrote the daily topics and did our live calls, we discovered new aspects of ourselves, the community of women who participated became a sacred circle of sisters who were all bringing something that helped to lift and carry us all through those 6 weeks. Many of the women we have heard from since the program ended have shared with us how differently they see themselves and their place in the world, as a result.

About The Goddess Revolution Guidebook

As you work through the Guidebook, you will be prompted to reflect on 12 Doorways into life themes that shape your life and help define your experience and quality of life. We are using the template of the 12 Houses of the zodiac wheel as doorways to greater consciousness. This journey offers you a fresh look at where you are now in your life, from the inside out.
For each of us, certain doorways feel inviting and exciting. Other doorways will hold little or no appeal. This is an important part of the puzzle, and we encourage you to trust and respect what arises in response to anything we offer. The beauty of these explorations is that they show you more about what matters to you and supports you in being more authentic and real to yourself.

As you listen to the recordings and work your way through the guidebook, you may find that some of these Doorways lead to familiar territory that is part of your everyday life, while others take you somewhere that feels foreign. Let yourself be guided by your inner knowing of what is of value for you to explore and what isn’t calling to you right now. Honor your sense of what best serves you, based on where you are in your life today.

You may want to read through the whole guidebook first and then go back and do the exercises; or work through the themes that appeal most, first. In the live program, we moved through one Day at a time, completing the entire journey in 6 weeks. Trust your own timing. Whatever works best for you is perfect!

We hope you find much to surprise and delight you on this one-of-a-kind adventure through the land of you. It’s not every day you meet the Goddess that has always been part of you, who knows you, inside and out, and has been waiting all your life for you to notice.

Who or What is The Goddess of Now?

The Goddess of Now is the Goddess of the Heart. She is the divine spark of Feminine creativity that lives at the heart of you. Through aligning with Her presence and attending to the guidance She offers, you come to know who you are, as a woman, and the unrecognized promise that lies within your beautiful heart.
The Goddess of Now assists us in attuning to the heart of what matters deeply to each of us today. She isn’t a one-size fits all Goddess, she presents herself in a unique way to each one who calls upon her and offers guidance and encouragement to truly live in the Way of the Heart.

What is the Goddess Chamber?

There is a Goddess of Now Activation in the last section of each of the call recordings on the Doorways. The Goddess Chamber is located in the center of your chest, right next to your heart. This is a dynamic inner space that belongs only to you. It is decorated in a way that feels inviting. The furnishings are exactly to your taste and since this chamber exists in another dimension, it can contain anything from a fireplace to a waterfall to a view of a mountain! Allow yourself to make it warm and welcoming.

The Goddess Chamber is where you meet the Goddess of Now in our activations, or on your own, at any time you would like to connect to the Feminine Divine within you. The more you do so, the more easily you will be able to access this inner connection as a natural part of your daily experience. The Goddess of Now is unique to you and will appear in ways that feel inviting. Since she is the Goddess of the heart, there is a natural warmth that comes from Her. You will feel your own essential Love nature reflecting back to you in your interactions.

What is a Goddess Lens?

One aspect of our daily topic exploration is an invitation to look at the area you are considering through a Goddess lens. The Goddess lens is the perspective through which the Feminine Divine might view things. It is an invitation to you, to look at these areas of your life with Compassion, Self Love, Beauty, Generosity, and Appreciation, to name just a few.

It is our intention to present this work in a way that is uplifting, energizing and expansive for all who come to it. May the Goddess of Now be a wonderful partner in your continuing journey into the beautiful truth of all you are.