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Day 2: How Well Do You Dwell In Your Body?

Many women struggle with this topic. If you haven’t you’re one of the few (and kudos to you). Whether it’s family or social conditioning, we are all inundated with messages about how our bodies should look and feel. What if it’s the seat of your feminine power?
Today’s exploration is designed to excavate some old programs and set up some new ones. Get ready to unearth your greatest gift!

Adela’s Insights

Have you ever met a woman who hasn’t had angst about her body? I haven’t. Most of the women I know have experienced some level of self-rejection … their breasts/ass/legs/lips are too big or too small. Or, there is some imperfection which needs correcting.

In the Western World, we are bombarded with negative body messages all the time: on radio, magazines, tv, billboards, Google Ads, etc. Not to mention the mixed messages we got at home, church, work, health clubs, on the street. I heard these messages everywhere. No surprise then that I was dieting by the time I was 14. I’ll never forget the vile taste of cherry flavored protein liquid.

Like many women, I’ve had a complex relationship with my body. It’s taken some time to claim the truths my body tells. Now I listen. I listen to what my body tells me about the people I meet, the places I go, the food I eat, and the exercise I do. I’ve yet to be steered wrong.

This level of trust doesn’t happen overnight. It will happen if you’re willing. Sometimes you’ll dance in the dark and know the floor will rise to greet you. But, you’ve got to say, “Yes!”

As you learn to trust your body, and its wisdom, you’ll navigate the world with more power, ease and grace.

Jodi’s Insights

It is through the miracle of these bodies of ours that we have the gift of life. Your body is your vehicle; your instrument for navigating the experience of being alive. It can be fine tuned, strengthened, energized, or it can be ignored. Your body gives you access to your five senses that tell you all kinds of things about your world. Your body even gives you senses beyond the basic five; like those goosebumps that tell you to pay attention; the lump in your throat that won’t let you speak; or the pounding of your heart when you are about to do something exciting.

The body is in Doorway 1 because it plays a major role in where everything in your life begins. It is through the body that you show up in the world, interact with others, do the things you love, love the people you love, and enjoy your life. Without your body, you wouldn’t be here.

As women, we are bombarded with mixed messages about our bodies. It’s no wonder that so many of us have trouble loving and appreciating our bodies and ourselves. Your relationship to your body plays a vital role in the quality of your life. Most of us weren’t taught to love ourselves but that’s one of the keys to health and happiness.

Goddess of Now

The Goddess of Now says your body is your temple. It is the place you live and as such is holy ground. You have been taught to see yourself, and your body, as somehow inferior, and this is simply not true. There was a time when it was understood that women’s bodies carried coding that enabled them access to abilities that were not available to men. Of course, it is through women’s bodies that humanity is given birth, but that is just the beginning.

As you love and appreciate your body, you will notice other things in your life improve, as well. Your body holds the key to unlocking hidden gifts and abilities. As you start to see your body through the eyes of Love, the mysteries held within you begin to reveal themselves.


[thrive_custom_box title=”Energy Shift” style=”light” type=”color” color=”#7100e2″ border=”#1e73be”]Before you consider today’s focus take a moment to close your eyes and focus your energy at the core of your being (wherever that is for you). Notice if there are any feelings, thoughts or sensations that want your attention. Just notice, as if you were a reporter making note of salient facts. Allow everything to move at its own pace, of its own accord. Know that everything is perfect right now.[/thrive_custom_box]

When you are feeling here and now, consider your relationship to your body. This theme focuses on how you experience, feel about and see your body. Notice any thoughts that flit by – good or bad – about your body. Notice your level of comfort and care for your body. Explore where you are Now and how you might tweak or upgrade your sense of self.

Creative Exploration: Writing Prompts

Pick from the following writing prompts, or create your own.

I am energized by  . . .

My body is . . .

I love the way my body . . . 

Write for 2 minutes or more.