Let’s Celebrate!

Doorway 13 is the center of the wheel. From here we can see all the themes, every topic we’ve covered, and a few more that were prompted by our inquiry, conversations and writing these past 6 weeks.

The Goddess Revolution was designed to be a journey from the outside of the wheel, (and an external perspective of yourself and your life) through the 12 Doorways of discovery, finally arriving in the conscious center of all you are, and the possibilities and potentials that arise from having walked together, with the Goddess of Now, these past 42 day.

I know that many of us didn’t do all of the daily writing. I certainly didn’t. But I will, knowing that this is fertile ground for me to explore. I invite you to do the same, when the time is right, and you are ready to reveal more of yourself to yourself, uncovering new aspects of your Goddess nature, in the process.

The Goddess of Now is unique to each of us. She looks and inspires and speaks and feels in ways that work for you. Please don’t worry if you don’t ‘see’ her in the Goddess activations. It is enough for you to simply be in the energy and experience of interactions with this loving Goddess of the heart. She is part of you, and once you have made that connection, is available to you whenever you desire contact. Simply close your eyes, put your hands on your high heart, (in the center of your chest) and step into your Goddess Chamber. You can take your questions, concerns, even things you are excited about, in with you. The more you interact with the Goddess of Now, the more powerful your connection becomes.

Today is our celebration call! Celebration is a very important piece of the manifestation process. So many times we complete something and in our rush to get onto the next thing, fail to acknowledge and appreciate where we’ve been and what we gained from it.

The energy of celebration opens your heart, hands and mind to releasing whatever stress or duress you may have been under during the process of achieving your objective, so you are open to receiving the good you have gained. This puts you into a state of joyful surrender. If you don’t celebrate, victory can feel hollow. I think this is one of the reasons people so often feel frustrated. They don’t allow themselves to rejoice in the strides they’ve made, and the obstacles they’ve overcome to get to the end point that they desired enough to do the work.

Goddess of Now

The Goddess of Now says, “Thank you for inviting me into your life! Thank you for opening up to the wonderful possibilities that lie at the heart of you. Thank you for trusting enough to come on this journey. No matter how much you have or have not participated, you did something very empowering when you signed up. You said yes to the Feminine Divine that has always lived within you.

“From now on you know that there is more to you that is beautiful, gracious, compassionate and true. Your life as a woman makes a tremendous difference in this world and once you understand this, your energy and attention alone will have a positive effect on the state of things. Women have been largely absent from the larger conversations in this world. That is changing Now, as one by one you awaken to the glorious potentials within you and rise as the force for Good you have always been. You light up the world when you embrace your beautiful qualities and let yourself shine.”