Day 5: Clarify Your Values

Today we are looking at your relationship to your values. Are you spending your time on the things that are most precious to you? Do you tell yourself you will get to those things later? Are you living true to what matters most to you?

Reflecting upon your values can help you come into greater alignment with who you are, allowing you to make wiser, more graceful decisions. You can tell a lot about your values by looking at what comes first for you.

If you’re having trouble determining your values take a look at where you put your energy. What or who do you show up for, no matter what? Your choices and actions – the things you give your time and energy to most – are proof positive of what you value.

Another method for discovering your hidden values is to track how you spend your time for a day or two. Often, you will default to behavior that overrides even your best intentions because there is another value that was either passed down to you or that you assumed somewhere along the line, that overrides your conscious desires.

Jodi’s Insights

For example, I was taught and had modeled to me, that ‘good women’ made sure others were taken care of before attending to your own needs. The hidden message being that since I am a woman, my needs and desires are less important than others. I watched my mom and grandmothers exhaust themselves trying to please everyone around them at their own expense. Though this is not something I consciously agree with, it took me decades to realize this unconscious value had been running me, and my life. (This is also called co-dependency.)

A Deeper Perspective

The Goddess of Now says that your values are a product of what you believe to be true. Think about what really matters to you Now. If you are not living in a way that reflects this, take a closer look at the things that are consuming your time and attention that offer no real benefit to your life.

Your life will transform quickly when you remove even a couple of things that you no longer find of value. As you begin seeing yourself and your life as precious beyond measure, it soon becomes obvious when you are spending your time on something that makes you feel off-center or disempowered.

[thrive_custom_box title=”Energy Shift” style=”light” type=”color” color=”#7100e2″ border=”#1e73be”]Before you dive into today’s writing take a moment to feel into your cosmic roots. Notice the energetic tendrils of your being, reaching out, sourced from dynamic intelligence. Feel them nourishing you from the core of the Earth, granting you the means to bring them into reality. Become aware of the surface values that you’ve taken on from your ancestry. Rinse them off as you feel the cells of your skin coming alive with what’s true for you.[/thrive_custom_box]

Creative Exploration: Writing Prompts

Consider your values through the Goddess lens of Self-Love and Compassion. Please take a moment to reflect on these prompts and explore where you are Now with your values and how you might like to tweak or upgrade this aspect of your life.

I appreciate . . .

The most important thing is . . .

I’d rather be . . .