Day 23: The Power of Partnership

Partnering with others can be rewarding, challenging or somewhere in between. It is a priceless skill that can be learned and  customized to serve any arrangement, whether personal or professional. There are many ways and reasons for partnering with someone. Partnership may be a structured, contractual agreement or it can be a more casual agreement to work on a project, with a verbal understanding of who will do what and when.

Some people really enjoy partnering with others and find they do their best work when co-operating with someone who has strengths they don’t have, or even better, when they are in alignment on a greater goal. Other people, despite their good intentions, find themselves getting caught up in critiquing, comparing or competing instead of collaborating.

Partnering is a skillset that can be developed, if it is important to you. In order to be a good partner, you must know what you have to offer, what you are good at, what you are willing to do, and what you expect to gain from the partnership. When you partner with someone you respect and admire, who has skills or abilities that are complementary but different from your own, you are on the right track. Partnership is more than the simple division of labor. In a healthy partnership, the partners share the vision of what they are working to create, and practice good communication with one another.

Adela’s Insights on Partnership

For most of my life I’ve considered myself a lone ranger, strange ranger. For someone who is highly sensitive and highly aware, the world is a different place.

It was challenging for me to fit into the established cliques at school. I’ve always had a creative bent so I was in choir and the school newspaper. As an adult, I found new people very jarring and often had trouble connecting with people who talked nonsense (ho-hum bullshit). If it wasn’t real (or meaningful) I wasn’t interested. The surface, polite conversation never held much appeal.  It’s fair to say that I didn’t fit in, so much as kept myself apart. And, yes, many people thought I was stuck up. That wasn’t it. I just couldn’t relate. I’d rather be alone.

Being able to connect with my kind of people, a community of like-minded adventures was the key that unlocked the partnership door for me. I found that when I was connected to my peeps my natural gifts came to the fore. It was easy for me to be connected and curious. I went full force into online partnerships by hosting telesummits and expert interviews. I’ve learned a lot from the hundreds of partners and thousands of participants I’ve met through the events I’ve hosted. I learned a lot about partnership in a very short time!

Partnerships have also been a great clarifier in discerning my gifts and abilities. It helps me see the themes that are valuable to my community.

Partnership definitely has its rewards but it can also give you a lot to think about. You need to have clarity around the desired outcome, what you contribute as a partner and what your partner has on offer.

People have different styles of partnership and also differing expectations. My take on it is to make it easy, to make it a joy and a no-brainer for someone to say, “Yes!” to me. It’s been a wonderful way to learn about partnership and to recognize the elements that are non-negotiable for me.

This partnership with Jodi on the Goddess Revolution has been a joy! It’s ease, flow, creative sparks and flexiblity. We are both invested in the end game: getting this message of feminine power in the hands of women who are ready for it. It’s that aligned intention – together with our particular skills and talents – that make for pleasurable partnership.

Partnership is one of my personal passions (yes, I have a few) and I thoroughly enjoy playing with others who are on for the greater game of consciousness in a playful and fun fashion.

Jodi’s Insights on Partnership

When Adela and I first spoke about creating The Goddess Revolution, we were both excited about the potential we could tap into and bring to women. The more we talked about it, the more the energy expanded. I had certain pieces of the puzzle that Adela didn’t have and she had others that I didn’t have. Together, though, we knew we had everything we needed to launch this event and see it through to completion.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing. We both had a lot of other things going on as we planned and prepared for the event. We started out with one name, and ended up changing it because The Goddess Revolution better fit the event we were creating together. We took a little time to learn about each other’s work rhythms, so we could coordinate the pieces we both work on. We made our course corrections and were off and running.

I think of myself as a solo artist. I’ve been self-employed since my twenties. Partnering with Adela is a dream come true! Honestly, I am deeply grateful for this partnership. The Goddess has been whispering in my ear about bringing the things she’s been sharing with me to my sisters for a very long time. When I said I was ready and willing to do it, things took off and much to my delight, The Goddess Revolution was born!

Goddess of Now

The Goddess of Now has been telling me for years that women need to come together, that the time of our solitude is over. She says partnership is an excellent way for women to support one another in doing the larger works that many of you have desired but are unable to do on your own. In partnering, each woman is able to shine without the burden of carrying the entire load.

The Goddess says women have been taught to mistrust one another as a way of keeping you disempowered. As you reach out to others, and share your dreams, there will be those who are ready and willing to help you. One woman’s dream enables another woman (or man) to fulfill their own. As has been said, you don’t have to know the ‘how’. You just have to be clear on what it is you desire.

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Creative Exploration: Writing Prompts

Through the Goddess lens of Grace and Cooperation, consider your relationship to partnership, in whatever way that is part of your life. See if there is anything you would like to shift or upgrade. Your willingness to consider partnering with another can open the door to a whole new world of fulfillment.

Pick from the following writing prompts, or create your own.

Partnership is . . .

When it comes to partners . . .

I enjoy partnering . . .

Write for 2 minutes or more.