Day 18: Child of My Heart

Our final topic in Doorway 5 is Children. Each of us has some kind of relationship with children. If you don’t have kids, you certainly know some, and even if there are no kids in your life, you started life as a child.

For the purposes of the 5th House, children refers to something created through you. It may be a child born of the body, a living human being; or it may be a brainchild, an idea, piece of writing, or work of art that you created.

Adela’s Insights

Having children changed me in a really good way. I always credit my children, Phil and Erica, with teaching me about true love. (Princess Bride anyone?) It was so simple and pure, so palpable. There was no mistaking it, now I knew what love really was.

I remember my son’s gaze, the look of adoration like I was something so amazing and special. He gave me something to live into. I certainly didn’t want to let him down. My daughter was more of the same, exquisite delicious love. I swear it changed me at a cellular level.

At one time I had plenty of guilt about not being the kind of mom I wanted for them. I set incredibly high standards and was really hard on myself. I learned to let it go, though it took a while. There were strong ideas in my family on a mother’s role and responsibility. I never felt like I measured up, but I know I hit a home run in the love department. I LOVED my children and I let them know it and showed it on a regular basis. We are incredibly close to this day.

My children gifted me love, the real deal, no expectations, love you cause I do, kind of love. It’s been the best gift ever! It’s helped me grow and glow. (smile)

Jodi’s Insights

I admit I am out of my element, here, writing about children. My child is a cat. She is a very good girl, self-cleaning, sees to her bathroom needs outside, and is a charming, funny, loving companion. Her needs are few and I’m happy to meet them. However, according to traditional definitions, Fancy, the pussycat, like all pets, is a 6th House creature.

So, here’s what I can say about children. They aren’t for everybody. If you have them, and I realize most people do, your life is forever changed. The child you bear will always be connected to you. It is a huge deal and a decision I took very seriously.

For me to unearth the gems behind Doorway 5, it became clear that I needed to reclaim and heal my inner child. I resurrected my inner child from the place in time where she was stuck in a perpetual hell of fear, unworthiness, and self-loathing, breathing clean fresh air into her lungs, drying her tears and welcoming her home to me with open arms. I learned to be mother to myself. And that has made it possible for me to live the second half of my life very differently than the first.

Goddess of Now

The Goddess of Now says childhood is a training ground for each of us, in a different way. You move through various stages of development that offer unique rewards and challenges. If you are raising children, or work with them as a teacher, counselor or healer, you see them from an external perspective. You are charged with meeting their needs and to the best of your ability, see to their safety and wellbeing.

The Goddess reminds us that children are sovereign beings, with their own purpose and passions. The most empowering thing you can do for them is to honor their individuality and model self-love and self-respect for them.

If your children are of the mind and heart, rather than the body, the Goddess encourages you to honor that these creations also have a life of their own. So, rather than attempting to make them what you think they should be, pay attention to your energy when you work on them. If it is flowing and free, you’re on track. (Even if it’s a lot of work.) If the time you spend on this creation begins to feel heavy and unwieldy, it may be time to give it and yourself space to breathe. Trust that if and when there is more to do, you will know it.

[thrive_custom_box title=”Energy Shift” style=”light” type=”color” color=”#7100e2″ border=”#1e73be”]Before you dive into today’s writing, take a moment to explore your inner orientation. Just notice your breath. Is it easily flowing, is your breath shallow (only using the top of your chest), are you pulling air from the bottom of your belly, is your inhale as long as your exhale, do you focus more on the exhale or the inhale or the both equally? Just notice as many qualities – and bits of information – about your breath as you have access to. Play around by changing some of them, then let go of your conscious control and let your breath flow. What do you notice? [/thrive_custom_box]

Creative Exploration: Writing Prompts

Through the Goddess lens of Love and Compassion, consider your relationship to children, in whatever way that is part of your life. See if there is anything you would like to shift or upgrade. The answers might surprise you.

Pick from the following writing prompts, or create your own.

My children are . . .

Children learn . . .

Children should be . . .

Write for 2 minutes or more.