Day 15: Love Is Its Own Reward

Finding your passion and purpose can seem like a frantic pursuit to some. Your passions lift your spirits and carry you along, even if the pursuit of them is difficult and more challenging than you’d have imagined. You will know if you are dealing with a passion if you lose track of time when you are involved with it. Your passions aren’t all fun and games. Even if there are things about them that challenge you mightily, you will pursue them with a sense of purpose.

One thing to keep in mind about your passion, if you decide to make it your work, the whole thing shifts and you are no longer doing it just for the joy of it. Once you make it a job that someone pays you to do, you are in different territory. This doesn’t mean it can’t be done, it just means that now you’ll need to find a new passion that you do just for the love of it.

Goddess of Now

The Goddess of Now says that your passions are one of the best ways to understand the mystery of what it is that makes you come alive. As you pursue your passions, pay attention to how many other pieces of your puzzle fall into place, in terms of friends, helpers, and skills you would otherwise not have known you had.

The Goddess reminds you that allowing yourself the time and space for your passions can help you to open your heart to all kinds of unexpected goodness. Time spent pursuing your passions is far from wasted time. The energy generated literally fuels your body and being, energizing and revitalizing you. If you are having trouble discovering your passions, start paying attention to those things that excite you. Giving yourself a chance to experiment and play will start to build new creative networks, within and in the world around you.

[thrive_custom_box title=”Energy Shift” style=”light” type=”color” color=”#7100e2″ border=”#1e73be”]Before you dive into today’s writing, take a moment to focus on your high heart. It’s a spot right above the physical heart, below the clavicle. Imagine that your heart is being sourced from the highest realms of creation. Feel the love infusion entering from your back – at the level of the high heart – and direct the outflow from the front of your chest. Circulate the energy throughout your body, replenishing and renewing all of your cells, systems and organs then direct the flow of love energy to whatever area of your world needs it most.[/thrive_custom_box]

Creative Exploration: Writing Prompts

Consider your passions through the Goddess lens of Joy and Creativity. Please take a moment to reflect on these prompts and explore where you are Now with your passions. See if there is something you’d like to do to energize or upgrade passion in your life.

Pick from the following writing prompts, or create your own.

I love to . . .

I come alive when I . . .

I’d rather be . . .

Write for 2 minutes or more.