Day 1: How Do You SEE Yourself?

Our creative exploration today is on self-image. Your self-image is how you see yourself. It can be based on many different aspects of who you know yourself to be, including the way you look, your personality traits and what others have said about you.

Do you see yourself in a positive light? When you think of yourself, do you feel good about you or does it immediately make you think of things about yourself you wish you could change?

Adela’s Insights

The more you question your assumptions of who you think you are, the sooner you discover that you are a dynamic being. Here’s what I discovered, much of who you appear to be depends on circumstance, environment and what the moment requires.

For a long time, I felt very uncomfortable around people that I didn’t know. Whether it was a party or a networking meeting, I experience serious discomfort with strangers. I used to think it was because I was introverted. When I was younger it was not easy for me to make friends and I normally didn’t fit in with school cliques.

Later I discovered that it’s not so much about being introverted – though that certainly is my default social response – it’s about the quality of the connection. I’m not one for shallow conversations, but once I connect with someone on a meaningful topic it doesn’t matter whether we’re strangers or not. I also found that I could orchestrate my unease by connecting with people first on social media before I met them at a conference or networking meeting.

Who I am, and how I show up, can shift when I create an environment that supports my objectives.

Jodi’s Insights

It isn’t uncommon to have a Self Image that no longer reflects who you are. Oftentimes people make great strides in their lives, to accomplish a big goal, or make positive changes, and then continue seeing themselves lacking in the very thing they just changed. If you have changed something external about you, it is important to update your internal image of who you are, as well.

That is what we are considering today. Is your Self Image a good reflection of yourself? Or would you like to upgrade it to better reflect the current you?

Goddess of Now

The Goddess of Now says your self-image can be anything you want it to be. The way you see yourself plays a major role in the way the world sees you. If you are riddled with self-doubt, even putting on a brave face is not going to convince others that you are confident. However, if you choose to see yourself as brave and willing to face down your challenges, this simple shift in perspective is going to positively affect the way you approach your life and the way others see you.

The Goddess encourages you to look at yourself in a positive light, knowing you are doing your best and have already made great strides in your life. You, as much as anyone in the world, deserve to be seen through the eyes of your own love.

[thrive_custom_box title=”Energy Shift” style=”light” type=”color” color=”#7100e2″ border=”#1e73be”]Before you being your writing take a moment to stand, feet hip-width apart, soften your knees and relax your shoulders. Take a deep breath and on the exhale allow your eyes to gently close. Tune into the rhythm of your breath and imagine energy pouring in simultaneously from the crown of your head and the soles of your feet. Feel the energy moving through you, releasing what’s served its purpose on each exhale. Notice how your body lightens up with each exhale and how energized and alivened you feel. When you’re ready open your eyes and allow the topic of the day to land in your heart and move to your hands as you begin to write.[/thrive_custom_box]

Insights and integration occur thru further exploration. You are welcome to write, muse, draw, contemplate, sing or dance out what arises, in response. (We like to write, but please do it in a way that feels natural to you.)

Creative Exploration: Writing Prompts

Through the Goddess Lens of Love and Compassion, consider your relationship to your Self Image. Notice whether there is anything you’d like to upgrade.

Pick from the following writing prompts, or create your own.

I see myself as …

I wish I wasn’t so …

I fully embrace my …

Write for 2 minutes or more.