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Day 32: Access Your Feminine Wisdom

Philosophy offers a way of seeing life from a broader perspective that can help you make sense of the world and your place in it. For the purposes of The Goddess Revolution, we are inviting you to consider your life through the philosophical perspective of the Goddess of Now. says, “The original meaning of the word […]

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Day 31: The Truth Is . . .

Truth is one of the key themes of Doorway 9. Without truth, there can be no real wisdom. Our ideals are just glorified ideas if they aren’t based in truth. Our beliefs are just ideas that have been passed on if they haven’t been weighed on the scales of truth. And today, we find ourselves in the […]

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Day 30: Tap Into Your Intuition

Have you ever heard that still small voice? Yeah, me too. Here’s the thing the more you listen to that voice – take action on it – the more that voice speaks to you. You probably know that by now. Intuition is inner guidance. You don’t always have to be still to hear it either. […]

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Day 29: Travel Expands Your Experience

Some people live to travel, some dread it. No matter where you fall on the spectrum you can’t deny that travel bestows powerful gifts. Those gifts occur as a consequence of your experience of different people, perspectives, and cultures. Travel is a doorway through which you can expand your world view, and who you are […]

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Doorway 9: Travel, Truth & Intuition

As we enter Doorway 9 we lighten up and expand our horizons. This house corresponds to the sign of Sagittarius, ruled by the beneficent planet Jupiter. The symbol for Sagittarius is the Centaur, half man and half horse, representing intellect and instinct. In this house, we address our relationship to philosophy and beliefs. Doorway 9 is […]

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