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Day 25: Sign On The Dotted Line

Contracts are one of the primary ways that we bring our energetic agreements into the world of time and space. Not only are the parties to the agreement involved, but they are affirming their commitment through a written pledge to honor a partnership where both sides benefit. It also includes the parties’ personal energy signatures. In […]

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Day 24: The Gift of Relationship

A great relationship has to be among the top 3 items on anyone’s wish list. Beyond food and shelter, we all long to receive and give love (and touch). It’s just as essential as food and water. No wonder we go crazy when we don’t get this piece right! Relationships are one of the aspects covered […]

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Day 23: The Power of Partnership

Partnering with others can be rewarding, challenging or somewhere in between. It is a priceless skill that can be learned and  customized to serve any arrangement, whether personal or professional. There are many ways and reasons for partnering with someone. Partnership may be a structured, contractual agreement or it can be a more casual agreement to work […]

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Day 22: What’s Fair Is Fair

Justice and a sense of fair play are at the heart of all successful interactions. You may not consciously think in those terms, but these are the things that contribute to a free and fair society. For some people, these are major life themes, others of us take for granted that this is the way […]

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Doorway 7: Partnership, Relationship & Contracts

Doorway 7 introduces us to The Other. This doorway corresponds with Libra, ruled by the planet Venus. In this house, we address our relationship to partnerships with other people and the themes that support it. This is the house of marriage, partnerships, legal contracts, commitments to others, justice and our sense of fair play. In […]

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