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Day 21: Claim Your Well-Being

Our final topic for Doorway 6 is Well-Being. Well-being is an overall sense that all is well. It includes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself. Well-being is something you can possess, even when things aren’t perfect. You have a choice in how you experience whatever is happening in you. As you choose […]

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Day 20: Let’s Get Physical

Whether you love it or hate it, physical exercise is something every body needs. Some people love exercise and can’t get enough, others hate the very idea, and struggle to get started. If you aren’t a regular exerciser, you probably think you should be, and might wish you loved it the way other people seem […]

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Day 19: Be Of Service

In order to be of service, to contribute your special blend of magic to the world, there are often barriers that must be overcome. The rising to these challenges is the invitation of transformation. It calls for an honest look at your gifts and talents and the things that stand in the way of your […]

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Doorway 6: Health, Service & Well-Being

Doorway 6 introduces personal development. This house corresponds to the sign of Virgo, ruled by Mercury. In this house, we address your relationship to well-being and the themes that support it. This is the house of health, hygiene, diet and exercise, daily routine, our pets, and the service we offer the world. In the Sixth House, […]

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