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Day 18: Child of My Heart

Our final topic in Doorway 5 is Children. Each of us has some kind of relationship with children. If you don’t have kids, you certainly know some, and even if there are no kids in your life, you started life as a child. For the purposes of the 5th House, children refers to something created […]

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Day 17: Play Opens Your Heart

When was the last time you played full out? If you’ve forgotten what that looks like check out your kids or grandkids while they’re playing. It’s play for its own sake. I remember being little and getting lost in playing jacks, hopscotch or double dutch. I’d lose track of time, and even my sense of self, […]

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Day 16: You Are a Masterpiece

Have you ever felt the pull to pour yourself into something and not quite sure what that something is? Creative self-expression can take a multitude of forms. Some of you are artists with paint brushes and pallets; others are artists with food; and some are entertainers, creating performances that inspire others with your artistry and […]

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Day 15: Love Is Its Own Reward

Finding your passion and purpose can seem like a frantic pursuit to some. Your passions lift your spirits and carry you along, even if the pursuit of them is difficult and more challenging than you’d have imagined. You will know if you are dealing with a passion if you lose track of time when you […]

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Doorway 5: Passion, Creativity & Romance

Doorway 5 opens to a new phase of our journey. We’ve gone from our foundations of home and family in Doorway 4, to a lightening, and stirring of the energy. This doorway corresponds with Leo, ruled by the Sun, the heart of our solar system. Doorway 5 is all about Love: that which we create with […]

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