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Day 14: Emotions Are Your Super Power

Inner emotions! Who wants to be emotional? According to the message we get from society, it is much smarter to ‘use your head’ than feel the charged energy of emotion either trapped or moving in your body. Emotions can be unpredictable and messy. They can upset you, stop you in your tracks or make you […]

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Day 13: Cherish Your Ancestral Roots

Where are your ancestors from? Immigrants and immigration are the talk of the day. Here’s the irony, whether your people have been here for many generations, or just a few,  your roots are elsewhere. The truth is, in the United States, unless you are Native American, your ancestors are not from here. You are much […]

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Day 12: Home Sweet Home

There’s no question that home is a special place; a place where, ideally you feel at home, and are welcomed. It’s where you live with family or loved ones. It is your base of operation. Home is where you nest, love your mate, keep all your stuff, and live with those you love and feel safe […]

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Doorway 4: Home, Family & Ancestry

In Doorway 4 we encounter the ground on which we stand. This doorway corresponds to Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon. Here we find the ground in which we are rooted, topics here include home, a family of origin, ancestral roots, psychological foundations, the nurturing parent – typically the mother, the state of our inner emotions, […]

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