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Day 11: Early Education Foundation

Do you remember grade school? How new it all was . . . kids,  classroom, teachers? You experienced an unprecedented number of firsts. It, along with your home, was the foundation for who you believe yourself to be, how you interact with others, even your hopes, and dreams. Your early education prepares you for life, […]

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Day 10: Shift Your Mental Attitude

Your mental attitude plays a major role in the world you experience. It is the filter through which you perceive and respond to the world around you. It stands to serve that it impacts the way that you communicate. In some circumstances, your mental attitude says more than words ever could. The Free Dictionary states […]

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Day 9: We Are Family!

Whether you grew up with siblings or not, those who shared your everyday moments at home – mostly relatives or sometimes like-family friends – helped to shape who you’ve become. Your siblings are your first peers, often the first friends, helpers, and playmates you have. Depending on your birth order, you may have been given […]

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Day 8: Communicate YOUR Way

Today, we are looking at your relationship with communication. Communication comes in a variety of forms and styles. When you think of communication you may think of speaking to someone or writing a post on social media, but good communication is an art form that includes so much more than just exchanging words. You communicate with your eyes, […]

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Doorway 3: Communication, Siblings & Education

As you step into Doorway 3, you have the benefit of having established a sense of who you are in Doorway 1, and what matters to you, in Doorway 2. Doorway 3 corresponds with Gemini, sign of The Twins, ruled by the Trickster planet, Mercury. At Doorway 3 you begin to include other people in your equation. Here you […]

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