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Day 39: We’re In It Together

Recent events in our world have primed your average Jane and John to become more involved than usual. Whether you think of the US elections, Standing Rock or the Syrian refugees, people all over the world are taking a stand for their brothers and sisters. These challenging times have stirred the humanitarian thread that lives […]

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Day 38: What’s Your Social Style?

Whether you consider yourself a social butterfly or would rather blend into the background at social gatherings, your ability to connect to your community, your people, is key in bringing your authentic essence to life. A community that aligns with who you are, and what matters most, is one of the quickest ways to craft […]

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Day 37: Dream On

As we continue with Doorway 11, we come to the topic of Dreams and Wishes. This is the inner doorway to expanding your horizons through conscious dreams and down-to-earth wishes. On the opposite side of the map, at Doorway 5, you develop your passions and desires. Those desires inform your dreams and wishes for things […]

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Day 36: You Got To Have Friends

As the old song goes, “You’ve gotta have friends…” Friends are your reward for being yourself. Friends are like family you’ve chosen. Your family members may see things differently than you do but they are your family, so you deal with it. You bond with friends because you get along, they love and accept you […]

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Doorway 11: Friends, Dreams & Social Life

In Doorway 11 we find higher aspirations and social connections that enhance our lives. Friendship, groups, humanitarian causes, associations, wishes and dreams are found here. Doorway 11 corresponds with Aquarius, ruled by the unconventional planet, Uranus. This where we meet others who are equals, and do something together. Group activities of all kinds are 11th house […]

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