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Day 4: Revamp Your Identity

Identity is the unique combination of traits, qualities and roles that make up who you are. Whereas Self Image is the internal picture you hold of yourself, identity is the composition of facts we know ourselves to be. There is only one you! Some aspects of your identity are roles you willingly embrace. Some were […]

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Day 3: How Do You Meet the World?

Personality, as defined by Merriam-Webster: the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. One aspect of personality is that it is the way you interact with the world. It can be a challenge to get a sense of your own personality because it is the external you that others see, and […]

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Day 2: How Well Do You Dwell In Your Body?

Many women struggle with this topic. If you haven’t you’re one of the few (and kudos to you). Whether it’s family or social conditioning, we are all inundated with messages about how our bodies should look and feel. What if it’s the seat of your feminine power? Today’s exploration is designed to excavate some old […]

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Day 1: How Do You SEE Yourself?

Our creative exploration today is on self-image. Your self-image is how you see yourself. It can be based on many different aspects of who you know yourself to be, including the way you look, your personality traits and what others have said about you. Do you see yourself in a positive light? When you think […]

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Doorway 1: The Self, Personality & Appearance

Today, our Goddess Revolution adventure begins.¬†Each day we’ll explore different aspects of feminine power, from the perspective of the astrological houses. Doorway 1 is the door to different facets of your relationship to Self. Doorway 1 corresponds¬†with Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by the planet named for the God of War, Mars. […]

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