Before We Begin the Goddess Revolution

We are SO excited to begin this adventure … finally. We’ve been percolating it for months and the content has been a lifetime of exploration.

Before we begin we wanted to cover a few things with you and give you an exercise to get a pulse on your starting point on The Goddess Revolution adventure.

A Few Things . . .

There are a variety of ways that you can work with this guidebook. You may choose to work with one Doorway per week and explore that theme, as well as the topics that go with it, or take one topic per day, as we did in the live event. Or, you may want to go at your own pace and move through the book in a more intuitive way, allowing yourself to scan the Index and be drawn to the topic you will focus on for the day. Please use this guidebook in any way that feels supportive, expansive and joyful, to you..

One of the objectives of The Goddess Revolution is to challenge the status quo, for women. It is clear to see that he world around us is rapidly changing. In order to be more effective in it, we are challenging the assumptions that have kept us repeating the same patterns, so we can make positive changes that support us in being more effective as women in the world today. As we explore the themes of the 12 Doorways, we invite you to consider, with the light of awareness, how you express yourself through these themes and topics, and whether there is something you’d like to update in these areas.

Prepare for Magic

Magic happens in a circle of women. We are prepared to spark that magic! Are you ready to dive into this deeper playground? Here are a few things to prepare you for this delicious journey:

Make sure that you have a notebook for this adventure. We will invite you to write a lot. This isn’t about being a writer. It IS about being in the creative expression of what is moving through you. If your native form of expression is other than writing – dancing, singing, photography, etc – feel free to adapt our explorations to your native tongue.

Take Your Goddess Pulse

Before we begin our Goddess Revolution adventure, let’s check-in for a baseline of where you are in your life Now.Take a quiet moment to check in with yourself. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and let your body relax, completely. Turn your attention to your body and notice any stories that arise. Without judgment or further exploration, do a mental scan of your body to see what arises. What do you sense, physically? How do you feel in your body, right now? Take your time. Consider what you feel good about and what feels challenging. When you feel complete with your check in, open your eyes.

Now that you have a good sense of what you are feeling, we suggest making note of what you discovered. Here are a few ways you can do that. Choose one or all three:

1. Jot down the keywords or phrases. Take a couple of minutes so you’ll remember them later.

2. Take a selfie, or better yet, take 10 or 20, and then choose the one that you feel best captures you now. (You can also do this from time to time, along the way, when you feel you’ve made a shift in how you see yourself.) You might be amazed by what you see. Write what you discovered, in as much detail as you like.

A note about selfies: Many women have an aversion to taking selfies. If this is you, please consider playing along, anyway. Approach this practice with a playful attitude, find a spot with good light, and snap away. If you don’t like any of them, delete, change something and take more.  We recommend this practice so that you have a visual starting point, with which to compare when you complete this journey. And, yes, we really do think you will actually look different to yourself, once you complete this adventure into recovering and reclaiming your Goddess nature. 

3. Write your Herstory. Take a few minutes (or longer) and write about the parts of your past that led you to join The Goddess Revolution. (We have both done this in blog posts and it was very illuminating.)

4. Create a Photo Collage. Gather a few pictures that represent your journey to Now. This may be done along with or in place of writing your Herstory. (The idea is for you to have a good sense of where you are at the beginning, so you can more easily see the changes that take place along the way.)

There will be many discoveries during our time together. We have only just begun.

We’d love your support in getting the word out. We have put a lot of love and care into creating this event, as well as the call recordings and guidebook you have purchased. We hope you find much to enjoy and that you come away from it feeling uplifted and more connected to your Goddess Self, which means  you have a little more twinkle in your eyes and bounce in your step, by the time you complete the journey. We’d love to put The Goddess Revolution into the hands and hearts of as many women as possible. Please don’t hesitate to share the link with any of your friends and family who might be ready to step onto the Goddess path, as well. Purchase The Goddess Revolution Package