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Day 5: Clarify Your Values

Today we are looking at your relationship to your values. Are you spending your time on the things that are most precious to you? Do you tell yourself you will get to those things later? Are you living true to what matters most to you?

Reflecting upon your values can help you come into greater alignment with who you are, allowing you to make wiser, more graceful decisions. You can tell a lot about your values by looking at what comes first for you.

If you’re having trouble determining your values take a look at where you put your energy. What or who do you show up for, no matter what? Your choices and actions – the things you give your time and energy to most – are proof positive of what you value.

Another method for discovering your hidden values is to track how you spend your time for a day or two. Often, you will default to behavior that overrides even your best intentions because there is another value that was either passed down to you or that you assumed somewhere along the line, that overrides your conscious desires.

Jodi’s Insights

For example, I was taught and had modeled to me, that ‘good women’ made sure others were taken care of before attending to your own needs. The hidden message being that since I am a woman, my needs and desires are less important than others. I watched my mom and grandmothers exhaust themselves trying to please everyone around them at their own expense. Though this is not something I consciously agree with, it took me decades to realize this unconscious value had been running me, and my life. (This is also called co-dependency.)

A Deeper Perspective

The Goddess of Now says that your values are a product of what you believe to be true. Think about what really matters to you Now. If you are not living in a way that reflects this, take a closer look at the things that are consuming your time and attention that offer no real benefit to your life.

Your life will transform quickly when you remove even a couple of things that you no longer find of value. As you begin seeing yourself and your life as precious beyond measure, it soon becomes obvious when you are spending your time on something that makes you feel off-center or disempowered.

[thrive_custom_box title=”Energy Shift” style=”light” type=”color” color=”#7100e2″ border=”#1e73be”]Before you dive into today’s writing take a moment to feel into your cosmic roots. Notice the energetic tendrils of your being, reaching out, sourced from dynamic intelligence. Feel them nourishing you from the core of the Earth, granting you the means to bring them into reality. Become aware of the surface values that you’ve taken on from your ancestry. Rinse them off as you feel the cells of your skin coming alive with what’s true for you.[/thrive_custom_box]

Creative Exploration: Writing Prompts

Consider your values through the Goddess lens of Self-Love and Compassion. Please take a moment to reflect on these prompts and explore where you are Now with your values and how you might like to tweak or upgrade this aspect of your life.

I appreciate . . .

The most important thing is . . .

I’d rather be . . .


Doorway 2: Money, Possessions & Values

Our next Doorway on the map of the Goddess Revolution leads to the Second House of personal resources, what you value, and how you spend what you have, whether it is your time, money or attention. Doorway 2 corresponds with Taurus, ruled by the planet Venus, named for the Goddess of Love. This house shows what matters to you, and how much you prioritize those aspects.

Some spend a lot of energy collecting and caring for physical things. Others are more focused on ideas and ideals. This house shows what you value most and what your values (both conscious and unconscious) are. Your sense of value, or self-worth, is also housed here.

This is very different ground than that which we covered in Doorway 1 – The Self. Here, you discover a deeper level of who you are and what makes you tick.


Quotes are a great way to explore your beliefs, thoughts, and impressions. They can expand your perspective and clarify your inklings. Here are some quotes on money, possessions, and values to support you in considering what aspects are ready for an upgrade. You can also use these quotes to do free flow writing and see what arises.

We’re so engaged in doing things to achieve purposes of outer value that we forget the inner value, the rapture that is associated with being alive, is what it is all about. Joseph Campbell

Don’t despair too much if you see beautiful things destroyed if you see them perish. Because the best things are always growing in secret. Ben Okri

Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least. Goethe


Take a moment to sit with the following questions. You may want to journal on them or have a discussion with a close friend. You can also just sit with the question for a bit and allow your thoughts to arise of their own accord. Sometimes asking a powerful question is enough to create a shift.

  • What anchors you when you’re in crisis: people, places or things?
  • If there were a fire in your home, what would be the first thing you take with you?
  • What are the 3 things that matter most to you?


Personal Values Assessment. Discover what you value most. Together with your beliefs, they are what drives your decision-making.

11 Tips for Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

Day 4: Revamp Your Identity

Identity is the unique combination of traits, qualities and roles that make up who you are. Whereas Self Image is the internal picture you hold of yourself, identity is the composition of facts we know ourselves to be. There is only one you!

Some aspects of your identity are roles you willingly embrace. Some were passed down through the DNA of ancestors from long, long ago. Other parts belong to you alone. Some are fixed, part and parcel of your bones. Still other aspects, you have the power to change and rearrange.

When you take stock of the different ‘I am’s’ that contribute to your identity, you start to realize just how amazing it is that all of that is contained within you.

Let’s take a deeper look at how you can shift these aspects of your identity:

  • Make a comprehensive list of the I am’s that create your identity.
  • Take your list into your inner Goddess chamber, and reflect on the whole of it to see what insight it offers
  • Have you felt burdened by some aspects of your identity?
  • How might the Goddess of Now guide you to include Her loving presence in your sense of self?
  • How might She assist you in seeing the goodness in all of it?

Take the time to explore and re-create you! You are a dynamic being. Every aspect of your body gets re-created anew within one year’s time. In the same way, you can re-create you!

Adela’s Insights

Ever felt different aspects of yourself vying for center stage? It happens. Sometimes you can find yourself playing unexpected, even contradictory, parts from your repertoire of selves. The truth is that the face you show the world can radically shift depending on the context. Walt Whitman captures this perfectly, “I am large, I contain multitudes.”

Next time you find yourself doing something unusual or contradictory that surprises you, remember that you contain multitudes. Let’s unravel some of these aspects of your self.

Goddess of Now

The Goddess of Now says that when you look at the whole of who you are, you can begin to see more of what is possible for you. It is easy for you to get stuck on a fixed sense of self that limits your ability to see beyond what happened in the past, as if that was an indication of your true potential.

This is a new day! I invite you to see yourself from where you stand Now. What are the dreams that still live in your heart? Who have you wanted to be? What have you hoped to do? The answers to these questions will tell you a great deal about who you really are.

This is the time for shedding old identities. Even the ones that worked beautifully in the past. This is an invitation to step fully into the Now, and recognize what is possible for you, once you’re free of the old beliefs and identities you once believed were the whole of you.


[thrive_custom_box title=”Energy Shift” style=”light” type=”color” color=”#7100e2″ border=”#1e73be”]Let’s take a moment to tap into the earthy nature of your being. Imagine a luscious waterfall in a tropical paradise. The air is warm and heavy with the scent of gardenias and lilies. You walk towards the edge of the water, winding your way towards the perfect spot. A moist blanket of dew-drenched leaves safeguards your feet from the scorched earth. You dive into the water and move to the rhythm of the rippling waves. As you break the water’s surface you reach for the sky then roll onto your back, floating effortlessly as the sun kisses your skin through the trees. You linger in the waterfall’s buoyant beauty, nourished by each pleasure and sensation of life’s lush bounty.[/thrive_custom_box]

Creative Exploration: Writing Prompts

Looking through the Goddess lens of Love and Compassion, notice how the pieces of your identity serve you in your life today. Feel into which aspects empower you and ones you haven’t considered in a while. Choose one of the prompts to explore how you experience your identity and what, if anything you’d like to revamp and update.

Pick from the following writing prompts, or create your own.

I know myself as . . .

I am . . .

I have always been . . .

Write for 2 minutes or more.


Day 3: How Do You Meet the World?

Personality, as defined by Merriam-Webster: the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. One aspect of personality is that it is the way you interact with the world. It can be a challenge to get a sense of your own personality because it is the external you that others see, and may be different from the way you experience yourself.

Your personality grows and evolves, as you do. Every time you learn or go through an experience that brings out different qualities in you, your personality will also shift. Often, these are subtle changes but they may result in you exhibiting more confidence or courage or charisma, depending on the characteristics that are being called out of you.

Goddess of Now

The Goddess of Now says your personality, like you, is unique in all the world. This is something to appreciate about yourself. Certain aspects of your personality are the result of hardship, others were born of love and success. All of it has gone into building your character and has made you the woman you are today.

The Goddess says your heart holds answers your mind does not understand, and guides you to ask more meaningful questions. Love and respect for the life you have lived allows your personality to shine, and makes you a beacon to others who are struggling to find a way through their own challenges.

As you dwell more in your Goddess chamber, (where you met your personal Goddess of Now, in the activation on our Doorway 1 call) you may find yourself shifting and relaxing the way you interact with the outer world, as well. To spend time in the presence of your Goddess energy is to begin to open to new and exciting ways of seeing yourself and your place in the world.

[thrive_custom_box title=”Energy Shift” style=”light” type=”color” color=”#7100e2″ border=”#1e73be”]Before you dive into today’s writing take a moment to bring your body and being present. Put one hand on your belly and one on your heart and take several breaths, feeling the flow of life moving through you, sustaining you, nurturing you.[/thrive_custom_box]

Creative Exploration: Personality

Consider your personality through the Goddess lens of Love and Appreciation. Please take a moment to reflect on these prompts and explore where you are Now on this topic and how you might like to tweak or upgrade this aspect of self.

Pick from the following writing prompts, or create your own.

My friends say I’m . . . 

It’s easy for me to be . . .

I lead with my . . .

Write for 2 minutes or more.


Day 2: How Well Do You Dwell In Your Body?

Many women struggle with this topic. If you haven’t you’re one of the few (and kudos to you). Whether it’s family or social conditioning, we are all inundated with messages about how our bodies should look and feel. What if it’s the seat of your feminine power?
Today’s exploration is designed to excavate some old programs and set up some new ones. Get ready to unearth your greatest gift!

Adela’s Insights

Have you ever met a woman who hasn’t had angst about her body? I haven’t. Most of the women I know have experienced some level of self-rejection … their breasts/ass/legs/lips are too big or too small. Or, there is some imperfection which needs correcting.

In the Western World, we are bombarded with negative body messages all the time: on radio, magazines, tv, billboards, Google Ads, etc. Not to mention the mixed messages we got at home, church, work, health clubs, on the street. I heard these messages everywhere. No surprise then that I was dieting by the time I was 14. I’ll never forget the vile taste of cherry flavored protein liquid.

Like many women, I’ve had a complex relationship with my body. It’s taken some time to claim the truths my body tells. Now I listen. I listen to what my body tells me about the people I meet, the places I go, the food I eat, and the exercise I do. I’ve yet to be steered wrong.

This level of trust doesn’t happen overnight. It will happen if you’re willing. Sometimes you’ll dance in the dark and know the floor will rise to greet you. But, you’ve got to say, “Yes!”

As you learn to trust your body, and its wisdom, you’ll navigate the world with more power, ease and grace.

Jodi’s Insights

It is through the miracle of these bodies of ours that we have the gift of life. Your body is your vehicle; your instrument for navigating the experience of being alive. It can be fine tuned, strengthened, energized, or it can be ignored. Your body gives you access to your five senses that tell you all kinds of things about your world. Your body even gives you senses beyond the basic five; like those goosebumps that tell you to pay attention; the lump in your throat that won’t let you speak; or the pounding of your heart when you are about to do something exciting.

The body is in Doorway 1 because it plays a major role in where everything in your life begins. It is through the body that you show up in the world, interact with others, do the things you love, love the people you love, and enjoy your life. Without your body, you wouldn’t be here.

As women, we are bombarded with mixed messages about our bodies. It’s no wonder that so many of us have trouble loving and appreciating our bodies and ourselves. Your relationship to your body plays a vital role in the quality of your life. Most of us weren’t taught to love ourselves but that’s one of the keys to health and happiness.

Goddess of Now

The Goddess of Now says your body is your temple. It is the place you live and as such is holy ground. You have been taught to see yourself, and your body, as somehow inferior, and this is simply not true. There was a time when it was understood that women’s bodies carried coding that enabled them access to abilities that were not available to men. Of course, it is through women’s bodies that humanity is given birth, but that is just the beginning.

As you love and appreciate your body, you will notice other things in your life improve, as well. Your body holds the key to unlocking hidden gifts and abilities. As you start to see your body through the eyes of Love, the mysteries held within you begin to reveal themselves.


[thrive_custom_box title=”Energy Shift” style=”light” type=”color” color=”#7100e2″ border=”#1e73be”]Before you consider today’s focus take a moment to close your eyes and focus your energy at the core of your being (wherever that is for you). Notice if there are any feelings, thoughts or sensations that want your attention. Just notice, as if you were a reporter making note of salient facts. Allow everything to move at its own pace, of its own accord. Know that everything is perfect right now.[/thrive_custom_box]

When you are feeling here and now, consider your relationship to your body. This theme focuses on how you experience, feel about and see your body. Notice any thoughts that flit by – good or bad – about your body. Notice your level of comfort and care for your body. Explore where you are Now and how you might tweak or upgrade your sense of self.

Creative Exploration: Writing Prompts

Pick from the following writing prompts, or create your own.

I am energized by  . . .

My body is . . .

I love the way my body . . . 

Write for 2 minutes or more.


Day 1: How Do You SEE Yourself?

Our creative exploration today is on self-image. Your self-image is how you see yourself. It can be based on many different aspects of who you know yourself to be, including the way you look, your personality traits and what others have said about you.

Do you see yourself in a positive light? When you think of yourself, do you feel good about you or does it immediately make you think of things about yourself you wish you could change?

Adela’s Insights

The more you question your assumptions of who you think you are, the sooner you discover that you are a dynamic being. Here’s what I discovered, much of who you appear to be depends on circumstance, environment and what the moment requires.

For a long time, I felt very uncomfortable around people that I didn’t know. Whether it was a party or a networking meeting, I experience serious discomfort with strangers. I used to think it was because I was introverted. When I was younger it was not easy for me to make friends and I normally didn’t fit in with school cliques.

Later I discovered that it’s not so much about being introverted – though that certainly is my default social response – it’s about the quality of the connection. I’m not one for shallow conversations, but once I connect with someone on a meaningful topic it doesn’t matter whether we’re strangers or not. I also found that I could orchestrate my unease by connecting with people first on social media before I met them at a conference or networking meeting.

Who I am, and how I show up, can shift when I create an environment that supports my objectives.

Jodi’s Insights

It isn’t uncommon to have a Self Image that no longer reflects who you are. Oftentimes people make great strides in their lives, to accomplish a big goal, or make positive changes, and then continue seeing themselves lacking in the very thing they just changed. If you have changed something external about you, it is important to update your internal image of who you are, as well.

That is what we are considering today. Is your Self Image a good reflection of yourself? Or would you like to upgrade it to better reflect the current you?

Goddess of Now

The Goddess of Now says your self-image can be anything you want it to be. The way you see yourself plays a major role in the way the world sees you. If you are riddled with self-doubt, even putting on a brave face is not going to convince others that you are confident. However, if you choose to see yourself as brave and willing to face down your challenges, this simple shift in perspective is going to positively affect the way you approach your life and the way others see you.

The Goddess encourages you to look at yourself in a positive light, knowing you are doing your best and have already made great strides in your life. You, as much as anyone in the world, deserve to be seen through the eyes of your own love.

[thrive_custom_box title=”Energy Shift” style=”light” type=”color” color=”#7100e2″ border=”#1e73be”]Before you being your writing take a moment to stand, feet hip-width apart, soften your knees and relax your shoulders. Take a deep breath and on the exhale allow your eyes to gently close. Tune into the rhythm of your breath and imagine energy pouring in simultaneously from the crown of your head and the soles of your feet. Feel the energy moving through you, releasing what’s served its purpose on each exhale. Notice how your body lightens up with each exhale and how energized and alivened you feel. When you’re ready open your eyes and allow the topic of the day to land in your heart and move to your hands as you begin to write.[/thrive_custom_box]

Insights and integration occur thru further exploration. You are welcome to write, muse, draw, contemplate, sing or dance out what arises, in response. (We like to write, but please do it in a way that feels natural to you.)

Creative Exploration: Writing Prompts

Through the Goddess Lens of Love and Compassion, consider your relationship to your Self Image. Notice whether there is anything you’d like to upgrade.

Pick from the following writing prompts, or create your own.

I see myself as …

I wish I wasn’t so …

I fully embrace my …

Write for 2 minutes or more.

Before We Begin the Goddess Revolution

We are SO excited to begin this adventure … finally. We’ve been percolating it for months and the content has been a lifetime of exploration.

Before we begin we wanted to cover a few things with you and give you an exercise to get a pulse on your starting point on The Goddess Revolution adventure.

A Few Things . . .

There are a variety of ways that you can work with this guidebook. You may choose to work with one Doorway per week and explore that theme, as well as the topics that go with it, or take one topic per day, as we did in the live event. Or, you may want to go at your own pace and move through the book in a more intuitive way, allowing yourself to scan the Index and be drawn to the topic you will focus on for the day. Please use this guidebook in any way that feels supportive, expansive and joyful, to you..

One of the objectives of The Goddess Revolution is to challenge the status quo, for women. It is clear to see that he world around us is rapidly changing. In order to be more effective in it, we are challenging the assumptions that have kept us repeating the same patterns, so we can make positive changes that support us in being more effective as women in the world today. As we explore the themes of the 12 Doorways, we invite you to consider, with the light of awareness, how you express yourself through these themes and topics, and whether there is something you’d like to update in these areas.

Prepare for Magic

Magic happens in a circle of women. We are prepared to spark that magic! Are you ready to dive into this deeper playground? Here are a few things to prepare you for this delicious journey:

Make sure that you have a notebook for this adventure. We will invite you to write a lot. This isn’t about being a writer. It IS about being in the creative expression of what is moving through you. If your native form of expression is other than writing – dancing, singing, photography, etc – feel free to adapt our explorations to your native tongue.

Take Your Goddess Pulse

Before we begin our Goddess Revolution adventure, let’s check-in for a baseline of where you are in your life Now.Take a quiet moment to check in with yourself. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and let your body relax, completely. Turn your attention to your body and notice any stories that arise. Without judgment or further exploration, do a mental scan of your body to see what arises. What do you sense, physically? How do you feel in your body, right now? Take your time. Consider what you feel good about and what feels challenging. When you feel complete with your check in, open your eyes.

Now that you have a good sense of what you are feeling, we suggest making note of what you discovered. Here are a few ways you can do that. Choose one or all three:

1. Jot down the keywords or phrases. Take a couple of minutes so you’ll remember them later.

2. Take a selfie, or better yet, take 10 or 20, and then choose the one that you feel best captures you now. (You can also do this from time to time, along the way, when you feel you’ve made a shift in how you see yourself.) You might be amazed by what you see. Write what you discovered, in as much detail as you like.

A note about selfies: Many women have an aversion to taking selfies. If this is you, please consider playing along, anyway. Approach this practice with a playful attitude, find a spot with good light, and snap away. If you don’t like any of them, delete, change something and take more.  We recommend this practice so that you have a visual starting point, with which to compare when you complete this journey. And, yes, we really do think you will actually look different to yourself, once you complete this adventure into recovering and reclaiming your Goddess nature. 

3. Write your Herstory. Take a few minutes (or longer) and write about the parts of your past that led you to join The Goddess Revolution. (We have both done this in blog posts and it was very illuminating.)

4. Create a Photo Collage. Gather a few pictures that represent your journey to Now. This may be done along with or in place of writing your Herstory. (The idea is for you to have a good sense of where you are at the beginning, so you can more easily see the changes that take place along the way.)

There will be many discoveries during our time together. We have only just begun.

We’d love your support in getting the word out. We have put a lot of love and care into creating this event, as well as the call recordings and guidebook you have purchased. We hope you find much to enjoy and that you come away from it feeling uplifted and more connected to your Goddess Self, which means  you have a little more twinkle in your eyes and bounce in your step, by the time you complete the journey. We’d love to put The Goddess Revolution into the hands and hearts of as many women as possible. Please don’t hesitate to share the link with any of your friends and family who might be ready to step onto the Goddess path, as well. Purchase The Goddess Revolution Package